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De Volkskrant article

From the Dutch newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’, Science Section, 5 November 1988 The Visionary Universe of Edgar Allan Poe The 19th century American writer Edgar Allan Poe, well known from his short stories, has also written a major work that is hardly known. It is titled ‘Eureka’ and it contains remarkable modern ideas about the universe. […]

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An interesting German edition of “Pym”

There is a German edition of ‘Pym’, specially published for Poe’s 200th birthday in 2009. It contains a lot of information about Poe and the history of ‘Pym’, as well as many illustrations from previous editions in the US , France and Italy . The book is no less than 525 pages and costs 40 […]

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Einstein’s opinion on Poe

Einstein read ‘Eureka’ in 1933, and in December 1933 and January 1934 he wrote two letters about it to Richard Gimbel, the owner of the Poe House in Philadelphia. In these letters Einstein expressed his admiration for Poe’s independent mind. The letters were sold in 2002 for $ 10.000 by the Bookbarn, a second hand […]

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