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The Einstein’s letters about Eureka

We have (thanks to René van Slooten) obtained the letters from Einstein to Arthur Quinn, about his opinions on Eureka. Einstein’s opinion doesn’t seem favorable. One reason, perhaps, was that Einstein was then under a lot of pressure  – the start of World War II. We hope we will find in the future more material about […]

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A bust of Poe at Stoke Newington

A new bust of Poe,  commissioned by The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Prague, was unveiled on   Saturday 4th June, 2011 at the site of the Manor House School in Stoke  Newington, England where Edgar spent 3 years studying between 1818 and 1820.  The Manor House School years had a profound effect on the young […]

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The famous British mathematician and astro-physicist Sir Roger Penrose, as a guest lecturer at Leiden University, gave a public lecture in June 10th with the title: Are we able to see through the Big Bang, into Another World? Here is the abstract of his lecture: “Was the Big Bang the very beginning of the universe, […]

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